Steam Deck performance compared to PS5, Xbox Series X, Aya Neo and other devices with surprising results

Steam Deck performance compared to PS5, Xbox Series X, Aya Neo and other devices with surprising results

Barely 14 hours have passed since yesterday Valve announced Steam Deck, a portable console computer that will allow you to play all your Steam games (and other stores) on a large seven-inch screen and 1280 x 800p resolution, with a 60 hz refresh rate.

This new device, which will go on sale in three different versions with prices between € 419 and € 679, depending on the quality of the screen or storage (which can be expanded via SD), has already unleashed passions, although many they wonder what is the performance of the Steam Deck against PS5, Xbox Series X and other devices.

Diverse users specialized in technology have begun to share their vision of the Steam Deck performance compared to other systems, such as portable console-shaped computers like Aya Neo.

Steam Deck with other laptop-shaped computers like Aya Neo, stating that not only does it cost half, but RDNA2 performance is 2.2 times higher and in general, it has twice the power of direct competitors.

As for the consoles, the first analyzes that compare Steam Deck with PS5 and Xbox Series X, the new generation consoles make some data quite clear, in the absence of having access to the system.

Steam user Peter “During” Thoman, a well-known developer, has confirmed that the raw power of the Steam Deck is equivalent to a base PS4, but having a newer and more efficient architecture (the same as PS5 and Xbox Series X), and having to achieve only a 1280×800 resolution, the performance will be superior.

In fact, it points out that the GPU has a gross performance per pixel when reaching 1280×800 resolution slightly higher than Xbox Series X when trying to reach 4K resolution.

Roughly, he summarizes, the CPU is basically “like average Xbox Series X / PS5”, with a slightly lower clock speed, while 16 GB of RAM is 4 times what the Nintendo Switch includes and the same figure as PS5.

Other users speak of a performance similar to that of a PC with a 1050Ti graphics, but again, applied to a screen with lower resolution and the advantages offered by Proton, the operating system, optimized for games and with a better performance than Windows.

Regarding other variables, such as 30-60 fps, or the battery, various voices say that it will depend on the game, but that a greater increase in fps will directly affect battery life, with reductions that can range between 30 or 60 %, depending on the game.

Remember that we have told you much more about Steam Deck, from Valve’s difficulties in adjusting the price to how the Steam Deck reservation system will work.

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