Valve President Gabe Newell on Steam Deck Pricing: “We’re in for the long haul”

Valve President Gabe Newell on Steam Deck Pricing: "We're in for the long haul"

Valve has made one of its most important announcements in recent years, Steam deck, a laptop / portable console, very similar in appearance to the Nintendo Switch, which will allow you to comfortably play our entire Steam library (including AAA games at great performance), but it is actually a computer.

You will be able to pre-order the Steam Deck starting on Friday, July 16, and there are three models:

  • 419 euros – 64 GB with carrying case
  • 549 euros – 256 GB with faster storage, case and exclusive profile bundle from the Steam community
  • 679 euros – 512 GB with even faster storage, premium anti-reflective screen, case, profile bundle and virtual keyboard with exclusive theme

Its price is high compared to Nintendo Switch (the new OLED model is sold for 350 euros), but it is very competitive if we take into account that it really is a computer, in which you can run any program, from the Epic Games Store to Windows if you uninstall Steam OS, and even turn it into a desktop one by connecting a keyboard, mouse and monitor (Although for this you will have to buy a separate dock to expand the number of USB-C ports, and most likely a microSD to expand the size).

Gabe Newel, President of Valve, explained in IGN what reaching the current price was “painful” and secondary, although ultimately critical in order to make it viable. His priority when designing the Steam Deck was for its power and performance to match what PC gamers have come to expect.

I want to take it and say, oh, it works, it’s fast, and the wreck was secondary and painful. But it was clearly a critical aspectStill, Newell insists: “The first thing was performance and experience, that was what pushed us forward“.

Shreya Liu, Valve Hardware DirectorHe added that price was a fundamental thing they had in mind from the beginning. “From the beginning we designed with that in mind, and we work very, very hard to achieve the price we are at“.

Will Steam Deck sell at a loss? We don’t know, but they did hint that Valve’s goal is for it to be the beginning of a product line that produces long-term benefits. “And of course this is something we’re in for the long haul. “

“There are many opportunities. And for now, for what we have heard from our collaborators, there is a lot of enthusiasm and they will be very happy to see the PC community entering this space“, concludes Newell. They already talked about that they even expect other manufacturers to use Steam OS 3.0 to make other similar products …

Fountain: IGN

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