Tomorrow comes to Netflix The Street of Terror: 1666, the third and final chapter of the horror trilogy inspired by the horror novels of RL Stine. During the month of July, Netflix has released each of the films that make up this new trilogy weekly.

It is a tribute to some of the great films of the gender slasher, starting with La calle del terror: 1994, continuing through La calle del terror: 1978 and crystallizing tomorrow with the final chapter.

The project was born in 2015, when Fox began to shape it. However, the rights ended with Netflix, which is responsible for distributing it throughout the planet.

Anticipating the arrival of La calle del terror: 1666, one of its protagonists, Kiana Madeira, has talked about the experience involved in filming the three films simultaneously and consecutively.

“We filmed 1994 and 1666 at the same time,” Madeira commented to The Hollywood Reporter. “Then we focused on 1978. It was a very special feeling that reminded me of the filming of television series, but knowing the end of the characters.”

“Normally, in a series, we receive the scripts little by little, as we go, but here we had the whole story from the beginning. It was a grueling six months, but also a great experience.”

The Street of Terror focuses on the dark history of the town of Shadyside, a town on which weighs a curse imposed by a witch named Sarah fier. Every so often a massacre occurs in the town, shaping a new supernatural assassin that will haunt everyone for decades.

Tomorrow we will witness the origin of the curse of Sarah Fier in The street of terror: 1666. What do you expect from the final film of the Street of Terror trilogy?