Twitter te permitirá cambiar quién puede responder a tus tweets

Twitter will allow you to change who can reply to your tweets

Twitter He has been trying different systems for a long time to reduce the level of hate that, for some years, has become popular in this social network. A polarization that makes it increasingly difficult to find a tweet without at least one bad response, which makes practically everything politicized (even condolences are politicized, something that I find despicable) and, therefore, completely muddies a network which, in its principles, was the most open to conversation, since any user could interact with any other user.

Gone are those happy days, and today some of us are looking for how to avoid fights and false news, and the main problem for Twitter is that the necessary ways to monetize the platform depend, among others, on many companies to which that level violence and toxicity generates a great rejection. And the same happens with many users, who over the years have been abandoning the platform because of this polarization.

A very important measure to limit negative feedback debuted last year, when users began to be able to limit who could reply to their messages, a function that has been widely accepted, and that added to the system that the social network is testing to limit the mentions, can be a real break And, if it does not help to return users who left Twitter, it can at least serve to prevent more exits.

And, as I was saying, limiting responses to messages seems to have worked so well that Twitter is expanding its use, allowing this adjustment to no longer only be possible when posting a tweet, It can also be applied at any time as long as the message remains posted.

To modify who can reply to a tweet, all you have to do is access its properties and, in the context menu, it will be shown a new entry from which it will be possible to choose If everyone can reply, only the users who follow you or even limit it, exclusively, to the people mentioned in that message. Of course, this change can only be applied to messages published on Twitter since the social network deployed this function.





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