Today, July 13, a big update has dropped in Red Dead Redemption 2. PC users can now enjoy the Rockstar game with graphics enhancements if you have compatible NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards, with DLSS, 4K resolution improved and performance at over 60fps.

But the bulk of the update is the new playable content in Red Dead Online, available both on PC and consoles, and that they already advanced last week, but that today they explain in detail. We talk about Blood money, with new missions that you can play alone or in company, all of them very out of the law.

Blood Money introduces new characters and stories intertwined throughout its missions. In Saint Denis you will find Guido Martelli, mobster’s right hand Angelo bronte, who will send you crimes and opportunities.

Martelli searches for a special resource known as Capitale, a currency designed for the most delicate businesses of the Bronte family and that has ended up in the hands of thugs and outcasts on the border. For Martelli and the Bronte family, the Capitale’s value depends on its scarcity.

When you talk to Martelli, you should introduce you to their partners, so that they send you to do crimes. They are these four:

  • Anthony Foreman: the ruthless leader of the Foreman brothers gang. You’ll find it at Radley’s house in Rhodes or Doyle’s Tavern in Saint Denis.
  • James Langton: a notorious bounty hunter with a reputation as a scoundrel who lives in New Austin. You’ll find him at Hennigan’s Stead, at Pike’s Basin, or at his cabin by Lake Don Julio.
  • Sean Macguire: a serial killer and thief who has temporarily separated from his gang. Look for it in the Great Plains or Tall Trees.
  • Joe: He works hand in hand with other criminals like Micah, Cleet and Samson Finch. Lives in Osman Grove, New Hanover.

There are three new criminal contracts divided into several parts, each with its own story: the rail contract, the Jeb Phelps contract and the Bluewater contract. In them you will get Capitale, although you may also find it in chests in some ranch or camp that you can loot.

Red Dead Online

Trade Capitale with the members of Martelli’s circle to offer you the first of the three criminal opportunities on a large scale. In the first one you must steal three Jewels of the West, transported in a very well guarded train, because Martelli wants to overthrow a senator from Lemoyne who is an obstacle to his criminal activity.

Over the next few weeks two more opportunities will arrive.

The update also adds the Club Quick Draw, a series of fast passes that will arrive consecutively over the next few months, with rewards, bonuses and special items.

Each pass consists of 25 levels and costs 25 gold bars, and it will allow you to recover the investment at the end of each pass if you complete all the levels. With every consecutive pass you buy, you get additional benefits. If you buy all four, you can get free with the next Halloween 2 pass.

In addition, several garments from previous outlaw passes They will be on sale again in the next few weeks or months. Starting today, Madam Nazar will be wearing the Haraway outfit and Rebellion poncho, while the peristas will put on sale the fast travel guide from the camp in the wild (among many others).

Complete Esmeralda Covington on Merciless Difficulty to unlock the Pacific Union Cap in Madam Nazar’s Store. Additionally, all Free Roam mission contacts now offer their missions from a new Free Roam missions menu.

red dead online

Also keep an eye out for new daily prizes and challenges, and new nominated series, playlists where players can choose game modes. And if you talk to Guido Martelli you can buy a gunman’s kit.

Finally, the week would not be complete without the discounts, until July 26:

  • 30% off role-enhanced saddlebags and mounts
  • 30% on the bounty hunter cart
  • 30% on the Varmint rifle
  • 30% on the Navy revolver
  • 40% in camping dogs
  • 40% on camp layouts (including RPGs)
  • 40% off clothing from Gus’s store
  • 40% off ponchos

One last thing! Between July 13 and 26, all Red Dead Redemption 2 players on PS4 or PS5 will be able to play to Red Dead Online without the need for PS Plus.

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