Vehicles are an integral part of the experience of Call of Duty Warzone, although until now the aerial options were limited to helicopters. But that could change with the game’s next big update, in its Season 4 Reloaded, according to a dataminer investigating the game files.

The leaker in question is Zesty, Well known to the Call of Duty Warzone community as a trusted source when it comes to Call of Duty leaks. Well, according to Zesty, in the archives of Payload, the new Warzone mode which will debut this week, has found files with aircraft names (PLANE_VEHICLE).

The files show that there will be “spawn” of airplanes, although he himself says that they may be AI controlled aircraft.

However, another well-known “leaker” from Call of Duty, Tom henderson, already anticipated some time ago that airplanes were going to be an integral part of the new Warzone map that comes out at the same time as Vanguard (the rumored title of the Call of Duty game that will come out this year after Black Ops Cold War, and that will be set In the Second World War).

Tom henderson don’t know if the planes will make it to the current Verdansk map in Warzone, but yes you are sure they will be on the WWII map that comes out with Vanguard, so it would not be unreasonable to think that Raven Software includes them before in this mode, as a form of “testing”.

This is Payload, the new mode of Call of Duty Warzone

Payload mode, which will debut on July 15 along with the other Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War news, is a very substantial change for the battle royale. Will face 2 teams of 20 players (Perseus and NATO) while escorting vehicles carrying satellite parts.

The mode is inspired by previous Call of Duty objective multiplayer modes, such as War Mode from Call of Duty WWII. Players will be able to build barricades to stop enemies, so perhaps the planes will serve to destroy them if they block the passage to transports.

It will not take long to get out of doubt, because Payload will arrive this Thursday, July 15 in the midseason update 4 in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

What does seem certain, according to the trustworthy Tom Henderson, is that around November we will be piloting fighter on a new map in Warzone based on World War II, and that it would replace Verdansk so that free to play goes hand in hand with the new Vanguard … although that does not mean the abandonment of Black Ops Cold War: due to the high income of the game, it will continue to receive support for longer than usual.

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