The next season of Stranger things will come to Netflix sometime between late 2021 and early 2022, with David harbor reinterpreting the Sheriff Hopper after he passed away in the previous season.

After the many rumors about what could motivate the return of Sheriff Hopper to the series, with the actor even going so far as to joke about the “Gandalf resurrection” of his character, and with the team confirming that he had survived, we now know that we can wait. know a very deep story about Hopper.

David Harbor has recently told that the character arc had been taken into account since the beginning of the series in 2016 and that he has always looked for a good way to develop his story, but it will be in season 4 of Stranger things when all this character building work is complete.

Among the different reasons that have made Hopper evolve, the actor highlights his rebirth in this life by becoming Eleven’s father, something that we will see again in the new season and that could be a key element to understand the sheriff.

In addition, in one of the trailers that we could see of the new season, it seemed to indicate that we would return with Once to the Hawkins National Laboratory and we will be able to witness how they experiment with it. Trailer that Harbor published on his Instagram account being somewhat cryptic about it.

While still being cryptic, too has talked about the resurrection of the character: “You have to resurrect now to create something new. And we have this false death and this resurrection, and we will see, but they have a plan and it is very exciting.“From his words, it seems that we will see his reincorporation to the series in a consciously worked way and that it will not seem to have come out of nowhere.