This week we received the new trailer for What would happen if …?, Which is the picturesque title that they have decided to give in Spain to What If …?, the next animated series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What would happen if…? proposes an alternative vision of various events seen throughout the Infinity Saga of the MCU, changing the roles of many of the characters that we have witnessed throughout the 24 films.

An example of these changes is Peggy carter, which in What would happen if …? will be the one to inject the super-soldier’s serum, instead of Steve Rogers, and it will become the Captain Carter.

With the trailer of What If …? Giving so much to talk about, a Marvel Studios executive might have hinted that more Marvel Studios animation series would be on the way.

Through your Linkedin account, Dana Vasquez-EberhardtMarvel Studios Development and Production Executive shared the trailer for What If, Along with the caption: “Get ready for the first of many exciting animated series. Delighted to be working with these talented teams.”

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, has already confirmed that the second season of What if …?, But Marvel Studios has no direct involvement with the other ongoing animated series, such as MODOK, which are inheritances from Marvel Television.

That is what makes Dana Vasquez-Eberhardt’s post interesting, and what it points to possible new animated series centered on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What characters do you think could have an animated series within the UCM, in addition to having their presence in live-action?