William smith has died at 88, died last Monday and his family reported it to the media yesterday Friday. The actor has had a long film career but surely his most remembered role is that of the father of Conan the barbarian on the 1982 tape.

Other big names that we can associate him with is with the villain Anthony Falconetti from the series Rich man, poor man (Rich man, poor man) of 1976. Although he started in the profession at an early age, at the age of 8 he already acted in The ghost of Frankenstein from 1942 and since then he continued to have small roles as a child actor in films such as: Bernadette’s song a year later, Going My Way (1944), Rendezvous in st louis (1944), Human ties (1945), The boy with green hair (1948) or Gilda (1946).

He has also shared the screen with other great stars such as Clint eastwood, whom he faced in The big fight 1980s and against Rod taylor on Darker than amber from 1970; and great directors like Francis Ford Coppola have counted on him in The Outsiders (1983) and The street law (Rumble Fish) (1984).

Smith became even a Soviet officer in Red Dawn (1984), a role for which he would have experience thanks to his participation in the Korean war, and the secret missions he carried out for the United States Air Force flying over the airspace of the USSR.

Thanks to his physical constitution, he was also an action specialist dubbing actors from Hollywood like Lex barker on Tarzan, but when he focused fully on acting, he touched many film genres in addition to participating in many series, acting in biker, blaxploitation and horror films with the titles: Run, angel, run (1969), Wild angels (1970), The Manson Family (1970), The losers (1970), Runaway, runaway (1971), Hammer (1972) or Boss nigger (1974).