Biohazard Con dedicated to “survival horror”: face-to-face events recover

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Little by little, the vaccination rate in much of the world (the first world, at least) allows something of the old normality to be recovered. For fans of video games, or TV series, comics, anime or cinema, the conventions they were perfect opportunities to socialize with people with the same passion, attend talks and activities, dress up and ultimately celebrate the object of fandom in company.

That was one of the things that, naturally, was lost with the pandemic, and the impossibility of gathering many people in closed places. But now that there are many sites with a large part of the vaccinated population we begin to see this kind of face-to-face events again.

An example is this Biohazard Con 2021, which has announced its first edition for October 16 in Sacramento, California, a city known for hosting all kinds of conventions and events.

Curiously, this new convention is called “biohazard”, referring to the original Japanese title of Resident Evil, saga of survival horror from experience in which the T virus unleashes an invasion of zombies, first in a mansion, then in Raccoon City, and then all over the world …

Biohazard Con is not affiliated in any way with Capcom, and has been ororganized by different associations of fans of the horror genre in video games, which promise guests and panels related to horror, but especially horror video games.

Three conferences have been announced: Digital Narrative, Voice-over work in video games and Zombies in popular culture, that maybe are issued on your website (Although the speakers have not announced either).

Sacramento will surely catch you away, but that these events can be held again is good news and a light at the end of the tunnel. There is still a little left, yes: Gamepolis, the Malaga fair, will not be held as such this year, but there will already be some smaller-scale face-to-face events.

Smaller local conventions are likely to be able to recover before big events like E3 or BlizzCon, although everyone is hopeful of being able to return to the presence next year.

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