These kinds of things make the gaming community great, since much of it is the creativity they have. The devil saga, from Blizzard, has always been very loved and has many memorable characters, now one of them –Tyrael– has been drawn with colored pencils and with great skill.

Showcasing the latter, a content creator on YouTube He has taken his colored pencils and made an impressive drawing of the character. The Archangel of Justice, TyraelIt has been drawn in full and freehand showing the entire process in full.

Tyrael is perhaps one of the best known Diablo characters, one that we will see again in Diablo II Resurrected. But this YouTube channel, Freedaw, has posted the video in fast forward and which ends in just 7 minutes.

During the process you can see everything it describes, freehand drawing, without tools or use of grids. The artist appears to have followed Diablo 3’s version of Tyrael, his silver armor and his characteristic wings.

You can see the tremendous effort that goes into the entire process to polish the drawing, with every detail felt when drawing. Yes indeed, all the work has been done aimlessly and with quite impressive speed, all be said.

Hailing from South Korea, Freedaw’s videos are often of famous artists from K-pop, with members of Twice, BTS and Blackpink. This time he seems to have started another series of drawings around blizzard characters, such as Illidan Stormrage World of Warcraft and Kerrigan by Starcraft.

All illustrations are created under the same guidelines: colored pencils, vivid details and freehand. So for lovers of K-pop and the universe Blizzard, this YouTube channel will be a new favorite corner.

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