Inside the Pirate Life addition in Sea of ​​Thieves We are going to be asked to unlock the so-called eulogy of dark desires, something that is not easy because for this we must overcome the “dark brothers” story, and we will tell you how to do it.

And it is that the mission of the dark brothers, which is the fourth added with the expansion, will be available once we have completed the previous stories, and if we reach the end we can get the praise.

We are going to guide you in this mission of the dark brothers so that you can reach the end zone and unlock the commendation of the dark desires, something that will first lead you to solve a series of puzzles and defeat as many enemies.

Sea of ​​Thieves The Pirate Life: How to Unlock Dark Wishes Commendation

When you have reached the mission island, you simply have to enter the fortress following Jack through different water tunnels and dodging different platforms.

You will reach an area where you must find a way to the ship and then go down to the cabins to find a dagger that you will need to open a door that takes you to a puzzle about different musical organs.

When you solve the puzzle there will come a time where you will be attacked by a few enemies and you must try not to board the ship.

When you have defeated them, a door will open and when you enter you will pass to another area where we will have to swim until we reach the surface and solve a puzzle about mermaids.

After finishing all the mermaid puzzles, we can enter the room where Davy Jones and his friends are. Here you will have to hide and listen to the dialogue until the end until all the characters leave.

If you have done well you will receive a notification that you have unlocked the “dark wishes” commendation.

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