The Flash remains one of the most popular series of the Arrowverse. The series starring Grant gustin debuted in The CW in 2014, after the character passed through one of the Arrow episodes, and this fall it will launch its eighth season.

However, not everything has been a bed of roses for The Flash. Season 7 of the series saw it lose two of its main stars: Tom Cavanaugh and Carlos Valdés, who stopped interpreting the different versions of Harrison Wells already Cisco Ramon.

The fact that some of the contracts of other stars also ended in season 7 of The Flash, made some fans fear, thinking that they would not return.

But according to reports Deadline: Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Panabaker and Candice Patton they will return as Joe West, Caitlin Snow and Iris West in the new season of The Flash, after having extended his contract with Warner for a new batch of episodes.

This news in itself is an indication of what the new season of The Flash could bring us, especially after the end of season 7, which left some characters in the air a bit, such as Joe West.

It has also been implied that Iros is pregnant, which is why Patton’s return as the wife of Barry Allen It could mean exploring that story arc in depth (typical of these series).

The CW’s Arrowverse is full of lights and shadows, but it maintains several long-running series that have the added bonus of crossing each other at massive events that excite fans.

The return of The Flash It is planned for November 2021, when its episodes will return to The CW with the new experiences of Barry Allen as the Scarlet Sprinter.