Absolutely amazing things happen every day … and incredible. Although it is not a current news, it is now known as this former Microsoft employee, who was arrested last year, managed to steal up to $ 10 million from the company. Seeing is believing.

The Bloomberg agency has produced a report on Volodymyr Kvashuk, Former Microsoft Engineer that he was sentenced to nine years in prison in November 2020, after being fired in February of that year. His task was to test prepaid Xbox cards at the Microsoft Store.

What did this evil mind do? Basically decided profit from these Xbox prepaid cards, which include codes to redeem for real money in the store. At his job at Microsoft, Kvashuk found a security breach in the Microsoft Store … and acted on it.

This former engineer (or crook, we could call him that) realized that Microsoft was providing him with actual Xbox prepaid codes. Kvashuk’s idea was resell these cards with a 55% discount, while generating codes non-stop, from 10 dollars to 10 dollars.

But Kavshuk was not alone, no. The former Microsoft engineer recruited various colleagues, creating a corrupt plot within the company, and even developing a program that increased speed to which these Xbox prepaid codes were generated.

Of course, he covered his back to the route your undercover work on Japan and Russia IP, managing to generate millions of dollars while stealing them from Microsoft. At the time, a user bought Kavshuk 300 cards in exchange for 1.98 Bitcoins ($ 17,000).

Arrested Former Xbox Engineer

Fate was fair to Microsoft, and thanks to the work of detective Andrew Cookson and FIST (in charge of detecting fraud) they managed to discover Kavshuk. Under a false identity, the former engineer bought three NVIDIA GeForce graphics to another name … and in the end he was arrested at that address.

Without a doubt, a story as strange as it is curious. Volodymyr Kvashuk will spend the next 9 years behind bars, and we’re still stumped by how bizarre he managed to rip off Microsoft.

Fountain: GameSpot