The challenge invites us to place missing person signs in afflicted Alameda and Campo Calígine in Fortnite season 7 and we are going to have to invest a great deal of time.

We have different posters that we can place both in Alameda afflicted and in Campo Calígine, and we give you the exact point where you can interact to place them.

You can go to any of these locations because we have enough missing persons signs to complete the challenge.

Where to place missing person signs in Alameda Afflicted and Campo Calígine in Fortnite – all locations

Missing person posters in afflicted Alameda

  • At the entrance of the main building
  • From the previous one, go to the building that is located to the southeast and at the entrance you will find another of these posters that you can place.
  • In the other main entrance of this same building where you picked up the previous one.
  • At a postcard stand, just west of the previous building, before reaching the river.

Missing person posters in Campo Calígine


  • At the bus stop, right at the west entrance
  • From the previous one, go through the town, and in particular we will find a sign next to the wall before taking some stairs, a little southeast of the previous one.
  • Cross the bridge into the central area of ​​Campo Calígine and you will find another sign right outside the Ink establishment. It is located in the southeast area.
  • We have the last poster from the previous one, it locates a blue building, specifically it is the hotel in the area, and at the entrance we have the one we were missing.

So with this you already have the location of all missing persons posters both in afflicted Alameda and Campo Calígine in Fortnite season 7.

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