Nfortec Vanth meets the new generation with a highly efficient modular model

Nfortec Vanth fuente de alimentación modular

Going back to expanding its offer of internal components for the computer, the company now surprises us with the arrival of your new Nfortec Vanth power supply, which is incorporated into the catalog as one of the most powerful and efficient energy options, ready to meet the requirements of the new generation, with a customizable model.

And is that this series is completely modular, which allows it to be enough to connect the wiring that you really need for your components, avoiding excess cables in your tower. In addition, it is prepared to cover without problem the energy needs of the new processors and graphics from AMD, Intel and NVIDIA, including the RTX30 series, making it a really interesting option. for those looking for a total or gradual generational leap for their set-up.

Although undoubtedly the greatest quality of the Nfortec Vanth lies in its 80+ Gold certification, which guarantees 90% energy efficiency, perfect not only to ensure the best performance for our components, but to cope with the recent change in electricity billing, and a great option that is respectful with the environment.


The Vanth power supply is available in three versions of 650W, 750W and 850W to adapt to the energy needs of your PC, but all of them share the best features. They have top quality Japanese capacitors, which significantly reduce energy loss, and prevent heating of the source and the PC.

For assured cooling, they have a 140mm silent fan on the top with intelligent speed control which, together with the exclusive Nfortec mesh front, will ensure that Vanth maintains a good temperature, adapting as required by your PC and extending its useful life.

In addition, the Nfortec Vanth has the electric protections most important regarding power supplies: protection against overvoltage, short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, or overheating among others. These protections will take care of and protect your PC and components, so that nothing slows down your game, making Vanth one of the safest power supplies for PCs.

Availability and price

Currently in exclusive pre-purchase through the brand’s website, we can acquire the Nfortec Vanth under a small launch discount that will leave its price at 113.95 euros for its 650W version, rising to 123.95 and 132.95 euros respectively for its major versions.

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