The fifth season of Rick and Morty continues to advance in HBO. The crazy series of Adult Swim, created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, returns to its essence after a fourth season mostly “lazy”.

The first episode of the fifth season was promising, but the second has made our heads explode with a convoluted plot that has left a lot of questions and doubts, although the action has amazed us.

Rick has created a lot of “decoy families” to alert him if any threat comes to Earth to destroy him and the Smith family, but soon everything will start to unravel and copies will come out even from under the stones.

During an “in-depth look” of the episode, broadcast immediately after the episode, Dan Harmon and the scriptwriter of the episode, Albro lundy, they have talked about the complications that there were to carry out the chapter.

The co-creator of Rick and morty He commented that the idea of ​​Rock creating decoys of the family had been flying over the writers room for a long time, and it was finally given the opportunity to become an episode.

Lundy points out that, although it is great to be able to make an anthological episode in this way, the main difficulty is that in many moments the viewers were going to be very lost, without really knowing what was happening and what was real.

In fact, the end, with the “real” family in the space with the copy of Beth, it leaves us very up in the air if they really are the original family, especially with Rick’s final statement.

What did you think of the second episode of season 5 of Rick and Morty?