HP Wolf Security: hardware and software at the service of security

HP Wolf Security: hardware y software al servicio de la seguridad

With HP Wolf Security, HP applies the mantra that the security industry has long sought to carry out in the technology sector. And it is that as a general rule security is still an addition, unless it has been taken into account from the first moment, that is to say, from the moment a technological solution is conceived, whatever it may be. It never occurs to anyone to build a home, to, at the end, install in it all the pipes (electricity, water, etc.) that should have been installed during construction. Safety, like pipes, must be part of the design process of all those elements that must be protected.

And the fact is that, although software is very important in protecting against all the threats that we face today at the same time that we turn on a PC, for some time now we have discovered that it isOly, a combination of software and hardware designed specifically for the production of the systems offers us the necessary level of security. to stand up to these threats and to be able to work normally. Technologies such as Secure Boost-TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and Secure Enclave, such as Microsoft and Apple respectively, are a clear example of this. In the case of HP, a clear example is HP Sure Start, born in 2013 and still today differential within the industry.

HP Wolf Security is a giant step in this regardas it conceives security from a holistic perspective, with a model composed of multiple layers that go from the hardware and firmware of the protected systems, to levels that are located above the operating system. And is that each of those levels, in which a layer of protection is established with HP Wolf Security is part of the attack surface so sought after by cybercriminals. An exhibition surface that turns every device into a potential entry point for cybercriminals.

What is HP Wolf Security?

Under this name we find a comprehensive security solution made up of multiple elements specifically aimed at protecting the endpoints that, whether in the home or professional environment, are always in the crosshairs of cybercriminals. I am talking, of course, about computers and printers, precisely the types of device that we can find, equally, both in homes and in offices.

And precisely at this point it is important to give it a twist since, What is it that differentiates homes and offices now? It is not necessary, at this point, to elaborate on the massive adoption of telework that we have experienced in the last year, but it is important to take into account the impact that this change in trend has had in the field of cybersecurity. An impact that, by reducing it to a single number, we can express with 400%, which is the increase in the global volume of cyberattacks that are carried out today, compared to those that occurred before the arrival of the pandemic.

Faced with this threat, HP has unified its wide catalog of security solutions especially aimed at the endpoint, grouping them into HP Wolf Security and adapting the security proposal to each context. And is that unlike other comprehensive security solutions, which are exclusively aimed at the professional segment, HP Wolf Security also protects devices in the home environment. Or, to be more exact, to their users, since the key exposed by HP is to protect people.

What will we find in HP Wolf Security?

The entire security platform has been designed around the paradigm zero trust, a model that starts from the assumption that there is no reliable element per se. Thus, each operation must be validated individually, and permits are granted exclusively for this purpose. Thanks to the removal of the default trust, privilege management is streamlined, thus avoiding vertical scaling, also known as privilege escalation, and which is the key to many of the attacks we experience today.

With the hardware-enforced security of HP Wolf Security, and based on its zero trust model, we will have both proactive and reactive protection. Strict privilege management will be a virtually insurmountable barrier to the vast majority of threats before they can be produced. And it is that the substantial reduction of the exhibition area, added to the early identification of any element that may pose a threat, offers us the proactive part of security.

And, with regard to the reactive approach, that is, to the one that asks us how the system will respond to an attack that has already occurred, we find measures such as the self-healing firmware, the Access memory threat detection and the containment of threats through isolation, technological solutions thanks to which it will be possible to substantially minimize the impact of an attack, making it possible that in some cases it may even have absolutely no consequences.

For private users, HP offers a set of security functions that allow adapting the zero trust model to the home environment, and also brings the set of software and services grouped in HP Wolf Essential Security to a selection of home printers, a device whose security is often neglected, despite the fact that on many occasions they are used to print information that should not fall into the wrong hands. In this way, both private and professional users who use their domestic infrastructure for work purposes can have the peace of mind of knowing that they are well protected.

Regarding the professional environment, HP Wolf Security deploys a complete set of tools aimed at both computers and printers, which are grouped into several levels, thus offering an adequate offer to both SMEs, with HP Wolf Pro Security, such as large companies and government entities, through HP Wolf Enterprise Security. In addition, with Sure Click Enterprise, an advanced insulation system, companies will be able to protect your critical applications and services.

Soon we will explain, in detail, what each of the security proposals of HP Wolf Security, but as a starting point it is key to take into account that the conjunction of software and hardware, when adding to the multiple layers that the HP platform is composed of, allow us to face today’s ecosystem of malware and threats with the necessary guarantees to do so safely.

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