When Bungie you must close the doors of your studies, although this can be applied to almost everyone, this is not on a simple whim. The reason for this closure was due to a unprecedented heat wave in Seattle, place where the studio has its offices located.

And it is not for less, since the temperatures that are reached in Bellevue They have had an emergency warning issued to the entire region. The National Weather Service warned of a “unprecedented heat wave” to the Northwest Washinton, with temperatures that have reached 45º.

That temperature means a lot of heat, which has resulted in just what we are telling you, Bungie had to close the doors of their studio. We do not know how long it will be, but we imagine that until all this heat subsides and the emergency notice passes.

The Bungie engineer James Haywood He has confirmed this through his Twitter account with a message. “Bungie is shutting down everything it has because of the heat“, He said. “I guess work for today is done“.

Before you go to think anything strange, Seattle is not a city known precisely for its heat, Since the average temperature in June in the last decade has been 22º, going down to 12º, something that translates into a very moderate heat for the summer.

The Washington Post reported that in Seattle will be reached, at least, temperatures of 42º. This situation around the temperature is so extreme and unexpected that Amazon has transformed its headquarters in Seattle into a “public cooling center“.

This headquarters, along with many others, are already centers with air conditioners that have become something basic and necessary in the city. Needless to say, since it is a city where you don’t suffer much from the heat, these devices are not very frequent either.

Luckily, temperatures are expected to begin to drop tomorrow, with maximum of 32º. Although it is equally high degrees for a city like SeattleThey will at least give their residents a break.

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For now everything will remain closed until further notice.