Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 aim for a sleeker, more colorful design

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 filtración

Rumored for some time now, it seems more and more imminent than Samsung present its Galaxy Buds2, a sequel to its wireless headphones that, although it will not be a great technical leap compared to its predecessors, it could come with a rather striking aesthetic redesign.

This has been shown since 91mobiles, who have shared some supposed marketing images of the company in which we can see these headphones, and that show a more elegant design with more fluid and rounded lines, a change in the color style with a single tone for the entire surface of the headphones, a new box that will repeat the white tone on the outside and the different color versions inside, and new color options adding two shades of green and purple to more neutral classic black and white options.

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Unfortunately, as we said, everything indicates that this will be the main change presented by the Galaxy Buds2, far from the important internal update that Samsung presented with the Galaxy Buds Pro, offering functionalities such as active noise reduction, but not active noise cancellation. As for the rest of its specifications are expected some drivers the same size as the original headphones, in addition to that, although the contact surface will be different, it is expected that all the touch controls of its predecessor will remain.

According to the FCC list, the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 charging case will have a 500 mAh batteryWhile each earbud will house a 60 mAh battery, supporting loads of 2.5 W and 0.6 W respectively.

In the absence of an official confirmation from Samsung, at the moment it is not sure when the new Galaxy Buds2 will be presented, although without a doubt the virtual event of the Mobile World Congress 2021, dated for June 28 and focused on the new Wear accessories experience OS could offer an ideal scenario. Although we could still have to wait a couple more months, considering that it is also expected another presentation focused on its foldable smartphone family, around the month of August.

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