On CD Projekt is it so “quite happy“Seeing the current state of Cyberpunk 2077 on the platforms, something that has also been joined by other factors. Although the hack received is still active, the studio was able to release patch 1.23 just in time for its return to the PS Store .

These statements and observations have been collected by the Polish portal TVN24 (Thank you TechTaptor) and translated into English. In them it is said that CD Projekt it is “constantly working on new patches” in order to remove more bugs from the game.

However, all this work on improving the game has made in the studio feel satisfied with the current state of the game, since the patches have stabilized it. However, Adam Kiciński, CEO of CD Projekt, has said that “have already reached the level of satisfaction in this regard“.

We’ve been working on performance, something we’re pretty happy about too.“. The founder of the study concluded with that, adding that the patches will continue to fix bugs and that CD Projektwill make improvements to the general game system“what the players were complaining about.

Mean this general improvements in Cyberpunk 2077, or important solutions to the most troublesome problems for the players, is still a mystery. These statements also come in time to see that Cyberpunk 2077, although back in PS Store, Sony recommends playing on PS4 Pro or PS5.

Currently, versions of the game on all platforms have received an upgrade from its release. On Steam, for example, Cyberpunk 2077 have mostly positive overall reviews, with 370,001; even if recent ones are varied with 5,611.

The cyberpunk 2077 players they keep complaining about the state of the game, its consistent bugs, and the fact that they can’t play often without an error catching their attention. For now, the game is -at least- much more playable when it hit the market in December 2020.

Yes indeed, Cyberpunk 2077 it still has a long way to go to completion, despite the fact that “almost half” of the development team is still working on it. Of course, do not expect them to monopolize polishing in its entirety, since Kiciński said the studio has teams working on unannounced games.

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These games are “part of franchises that already have“, so they have talked more about the Witcher, since maybe we’ll see a The Witcher 4.

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