An ad for The Walking Dead Survivors shamelessly copies the iconic cover of Resident Evil 2 Remake

An ad for The Walking Dead Survivors shamelessly copies the iconic cover of Resident Evil 2 Remake

If a few weeks ago Capcom was the one accused of using photographs of an artist without permission, it seems that now the tables have been turned and it is Elex, the developers of the free to play mobile The Walking Dead Survivor, who could copy an image from Resident Evil 2 Remake without permission.

And it is not just any image: we are talking about what They have shot the cover of Resident Evil 2 Remake, an iconic image that all of us who love the Capcom saga could easily recognize.

As well, the art of The Walking Dead Survivors would have used Capcom’s illustration as a base, and on it they would have placed the characters of the mobile game. The botch is capital, since it is possible to see that they have not even erased Claire’s pistol from the art of Resident Evil 2 Remake, generating a strange effect.

The ad with this image was being distributed on Instagram and Facebook, but it has already been withdrawn, but not before verifying that both the ad and the image were real. The controversy of course did not take long to jump to social networks, where Look-alike suspects echoed between TWD Survivors ad and RE2 Remake cover, as you can see below.

Far from leaving the matter there, and as the user has shared MisterJ2590 on Reddit, some users contacted the study directly to expose the plagiarism. At first they denied its existence, but afterwards, the response has been no less surreal …

“Surprisingly similar yes, although the characters to whom the copyright is applied are not in the image of TWD, so there is no copyright infringement,” responds a certain Dave from the study of The walking dead Survivors.

After pointing out that Claire’s gun is seen in the TWD image, the response is more surreal if possible: “Oh yeah, you can see it, bad editing job, so apologies on behalf of who created those images.”

We will have to see how this strange soap opera ends, although it seems certain that Capcom could, sooner or later, initiate legal action against the developers.

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