As you know, until June 27 the PcComponentes PcDays are held, a luxury opportunity to renew your laptop or desktop computer, either completely or in pieces. And here you have a piece that you cannot miss: a graph.

But beware, what This Radeon RX 6700XT graphics stands out because it has dropped in price, something unprecedented in almost two years. If you wanted a powerful graphics for your computer, now you can get this Radeon RX 6700XT graphics for only 619.90 euros.

Surely this price drop has to do with the Bitcoin crash after China closed 90% of mining farms. Charts are used to mine Bitcoin, so this assumes that they keep the stock and have to sell it. Translation? A price drop like never seen before.

A great opportunity to get an excellent graphic at a very good price, since this graphic Features RDNA 2 architecture and is designed to deliver the best 1,440-pixel gaming experience, powering a new generation of games with vivid visuals and elevated experiences.

This graphic is manufactured with three fans to maintain good performance without overheating. In fact, the graph does not exceed 75ºC (and it is rare that it even reaches that temperature, since it is normal for it to be around 50ºC) not even in the most demanding games and the fans are so quiet you won’t notice they’re there.

Some customers claim that it is the best graphic they have had and that they have put it to the test by putting it to 100% for hours. The result? A graphics that does not heat up and provides unmatched performance; so much so that the computer practically flies.

Take advantage of the fact that this graph has dropped in price and that it is now about 619.90 euros. And don’t forget to take a look at the rest of the PcDays offers. Here is a compilation of the most interesting, only until June 27!