Zack Snyder would be willing to direct a Rick and Morty movie

Zack Snyder would be willing to direct a Rick and Morty movie

This 2021, Zack snyder is unleashed. The premiere of your claimed Snyder cut, better known as Zack Snyder’s Justice League, preceded the subsequent premiere of Army of the Dead, the film starring Dave Bautista and that takes Snyder back to one of his favorite genres. With the filmmaker proliferating in all kinds of interviews, the amount of “future projects” that they have asked him about is very large, but there is always room for someone else.

In his recent talk at The Film Junkee Vodka Stream, Snyder spoke of the possibility of directing an animated and comedy film, like Rick and Morty, “if the occasion arises.” In fact, the filmmaker admitted to having devised a live action plot inspired by the series of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland.

“The idea was to bring one of the teasers from the end of the Rick and Morty episodes and recreate the story through a live action movie, “commented Zack Snyder. Season 5 of Rick and Morty debuted this week on HBO.

During the promotional campaign of the new episodes of Rick and Morty, its executive producer Scott marder, commented that there was a possibility that in the future we would see a Rick and Morty movie, and not strictly animation. Although the producer admitted that for him, each episode of the series is like a movie, so a real film would be something like a complete trilogy. It would need to be something that was really worth doing.

Regardless of whether he could direct it, or not, Zack Snyder: Would you like Rick and Morty to make the leap to the big screen?

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