EA Motive is working on updating an established IP that could be Dead Space

EA Motive is working on updating an established IP that could be Dead Space

Would you like to see the updating an established IP from Electronic Arts? Well, as commented in a stream last friday the journalist from GamesBeat, Jeff grubbAn unannounced – and previously discussed – EA title will be publicly discussed for the first time at the EA Play Live event in July.

Grubb already has commented before that he EA Motive study I was working on an update of “an already established IP“.”I think it will make you very happy“He said. Last Tuesday, he dropped that”we will see … if we are not dead before“, which could indicate Dead Space. Electronic Arts Motive went through a brand name following the release of Star Wars Squadrons, its first game since its formation in 2015, although worked with DICE in Battlefront 2.

Through a message last October through the official Web, Patrick Klaus de Motive details the studio’s new mission to create games that “empower players to create, experience, live and share their own unique stories“Specifically, it said:”In addition to Star Wars Squadrons, we also work on many unannounced projects. Innovating is tough, but also exciting and invigorating“.

With our new mission, we are trying many things and trying different ideas that you can stay with, since iteration and experimentation are keys and health to find something greatKlaus kept saying.The team is very talented and we all strive to create aspirational games that push the limits of what players expect now and in the future.“.

One of the titles Motive works on is a new Star Wars action game, or that is what has been seen thanks to a job offer posted for the study of Montreal; in said offer it is also mentioned that they work on multiple games.

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Visceral Studio, the original creators of Dead Space, spent two years working on Ragtag, a Star Wars game with Amy Hennig (Uncharted), but it was canceled.

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