Whatsapp: news about multi-device mode

Whatsapp: novedades sobre el modo multidispositivo

So true is that WhatsApp was the great forerunner of instant messaging services for mobile phones, as over the years, for various reasons, has been lagging behind the roles of some of its main rivals. And this is not, actually, something new. Already in 2012 LINE, whose use today is purely testimonial, stood up to the all-powerful instant messaging service with functions such as videoconferencing and a PC client (when WhatsApp did not have both functions).

In this sense, one of the most demanded functions for years to Facebook, owner of the service, is that the same WhatsApp account could be used from several devices, something that other services such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc. have allowed for a long time. And is that times have changed a lot since the launch of the service, back in 2009. At that time smartphones were a novelty, tablets were yet to come and, therefore, having more than one device was something extremely rare.

Today this has changed substantially, but so far WhatsApp has not responded to this demand. Yes, it is true that they have been working on it for a long time, as we already knew about a year ago, and already at the beginning of this 2021 we began to know details about Facebook’s plans in this regard. And now at last It seems that we are already close to the debut of this long-awaited feature, and also we already know some new data about it.

News about multi-device WhatsApp

According to the portal specialized in WhatsApp WBetaInfo, this is all we know so far about how and when multi-device mode will arrive:

  • Paired devices can work even if the main device is not connected to the internet.
  • The main device can become disconnected from the Internet for up to 2 months, and the linked devices will still be able to access the account.
  • It will be allowed to link up to 4 devices to the WhatsApp account.
  • Compatible devices include WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop and the Facebook portal.
  • Multi-device will be released as a beta feature for people who want to give it a try, and will be initially optional.
  • Voice and video calls will work on paired devices. However, it will be necessary to check if this also refers to the web and PC versions, because surprisingly today they still do not have this function.
  • This is probably the most striking thing, and it is that You will not be able to send messages or call people who have an outdated version installed by WhatsApp.
  • The show is expected to arrive in 2 monthsAlthough, of course, that date may be delayed.

There is, among the novelties, nothing particularly surprising, except the lack of compatibility with previous versions of the app. For the rest, it seems that the implementation of multi-user mode will conform to what we could expect. I will say, however, that I expected that the validity period of the connection of the linked devices, with the main one disconnected, is greater than what I expected from the social network company.

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