These PC speakers with RGB lights now have a Prime Day-proof price, for only 18 euros

These PC speakers with RGB lights now have a Prime Day-proof price, for only 18 euros

We always say that when it comes to playing it is not only relevant to have a powerful team and a quality screen, but other elements are also needed. Good sound dramatically changes the gaming experience. But despite this, we do not always find the time to buy new speakers to play, and we end up using the PC ones, or simply connect a headset. However, these PC speakers are a great option, they are small and will fit perfectly well to the sides of your monitor. What’s more, have RGB lighting. And on top of that they are cheap.

Is about The Trust GXT 606 Javv, and they’re available right now on Amazon for just 18 euros, which means that you can buy them at a really affordable price, without having to make a large outlay. They will give you enough quality to enjoy video games without having to use headphones and with much more power than the integrated speakers of your computer.

Get these speakers with RGB lights for only 18 euros in Amazon

In fact, the maximum power of these speakers is 12 watts (6 watts RMS). It is not crazy, but we must bear in mind that it is about multimedia speakers that we will have on the desktop. They are connected to our computer through a jack socket, and receive electrical power through USB, without having to connect it to a wall socket.

One of the advantages of I receive power supply via USB is that we can even consider a more portable use of the speakers, because wherever we go we will only have to connect them by USB and through a jack cable to enjoy stereo sound.

The best thing about this pair of speakers is that in addition to offering us an improved audio with respect to the integrated speakers, they will look great in a gaming setup. And it is so for two things. The first thing is that the very design of the speakers is already very striking, with a camouflage finish. In addition to this you have to add the RGB lights present in each of the speakers that change color.

If what you are looking for is a HiFi sound system, obviously these speakers are not what you are looking for. But if what you want are speakers that give you an enhanced experience over the built-in sound of a laptop or over headphones, These Trust GXT 606 Javv are a good option, and their design will look good in a gaming setup. For only 18 euros On Amazon, you will hardly find a speaker that offers something better and does not cost twice as much.

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