James Gunn Explains How The Scooby Doo Script Made Him Succeed

James Gunn Explains How The Scooby Doo Script Made Him Succeed

At the moment James Gunn is very committed to Marvel and their Guardians of the Galaxy, whose third installment will be released sometime in 2023; but even though we have been seeing him as a director in other movies like Slither: The Plague (2006) or Movie 43 (2013), the truth is that his relationship with the world of cinema has also been exclusively a scriptwriter.

In 2002 the first live action from Scooby Doo directed by Raja Gosnell (The Smurfs), which had previously triumphed as a cartoon series and was finally brought to the big screen in a project of this magnitude. James Gunn was in charge of the script, and thanks to this film and its 2004 sequel he was able to make a name that would open the doors for him to script the film of Zack snyder Dawn of the Dead.

Coinciding with the 19th anniversary of the film’s premiere on July 15, Gunn wrote a series of tweets recalling the moment: “That was a horrible day for me. I had never been part of a mainstream movie and I knew my career would be incredibly affected by how the movie did.. ” To his relief, the first reviews for the live-action Scooby Doo adaptation seemed to be quite positive: “I was going to be part of a success!

But as the rest of the reviews came in late on Thursday and into the early hours of Friday, I saw that those early reviews were an anomaly … they were tearing us apart. Yes, I knew the movie wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t exactly how I first envisioned it, but I still thought it was fun and the kids would LOVE it.”, The writer continued explaining, saying that that night he went to sleep thinking about failure.

The next morning, to her surprise, it appeared on her doorstep Lorenzo DiBonaventura, the production manager of Warner, telling him that the movie had grossed $ 18 million the day before. The movie “it was not just a success“Being the largest June release ever seen in a movie,”it was a success. And in a matter of seconds I went from being just another screenwriter to being a successful guy and my life completely changed. “

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