Jacob Tremblay, very excited about Flounder’s design in The Little Mermaid live action

Jacob Tremblay, very excited about Flounder's design in The Little Mermaid live action

In case you weren’t enough to fill movie theaters around the world with your movies from Star wars or from Marvel, to Disney loves to review products that it knows have worked very well to be able to continue making cash without risking an iota. That is why it is common to see the studio’s great animation classics become “real” in recent years.

And among these new revised classics we find great successes, such as The Lion King or the new Cruella film, and others that are not so, such as Guy Ritchie’s version of Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson. Nonetheless, Disney keeps trying and among his next classics that are going to come true we find the aquatic tale of The Little Mermaid.

A tape that will involve lsecond time young actor Jacob Trembaly voices an aquatic characterWell, he has already done it in Luca and now he is going to do it in The Little Mermaid, where he plays Ariel’s great friend, Flounder, the yellow and blue fish whose computer design enchants the interpreter.

I love what they have done with the Flounder character design. I’m not going to say much but it’s really great, “Tremblay confessed in an interview with Collider in which his Luca co-star, Jack Dylan Grazer, was trying to elicit whether he was an animated character or a real fish, a question to which Tremblay kept quiet.

Although the production of the live action version of The Little Mermaid began last year, the problems derived from the Covid-19 pandemic caused it to run out of a release date.

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