Jack Black and Ice Cube will bring us a new comedy next year: Oh Hell No

Jack Black and Ice Cube will bring us a new comedy next year: Oh Hell No

Next year we will receive a new comedy starring Jack Black and Ice Cube hand in hand with Sony, which will be directed by Kitao Sakurai; your title is Oh hell no and we still do not have much information about it but we are going to tell you everything we know.

Kitao sakurai is an experienced director in the genre who has already worked on other comedies such as A bad trip, an original production of Netflix about two friends taking to the road to play hidden camera pranks on people. He was also in charge of the direction and executive production of the series. The Eric Andre Show.

The script of Oh hell no will be made by Scot Armstrong (Old school), Jessica Gao (She-hulk), Tracy Oliver (Girls Trip) and Rodney Rothman (Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse) and will tell us the story of Sherman (Black) and Will (Cube), with the peculiarity that Sherman falls in love with Will’s mother.

In the cast we have Jack black, a master of comedy who has participated in countless productions but whose last appearance as the protagonist was seen in Jumanji: Next Level in 2019. Another very prominent role awaits the actor in the near future, in the film adaptation of the carefree first-person action video game, Borderlands, who will direct Eli roth and where Black will play the robot Claptrap.

Finally we have Ice cube, a rapper who also has a long career in the world of cinema. One of his first films was The boys from the neighborhood (1991) and the last time we saw him was in Personal Assistant (2020) of Nisha ganatra, about a veteran music star whose manager doesn’t want him to record any more records but who, with the help of his assistant, will turn his life around.

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