Get the Chaos Gauntlet and other rewards in Fortnite Thanos Cup

Get the Chaos Gauntlet and other rewards in Fortnite Thanos Cup

It seems that Epic games it didn’t take long to confirm that Thanos would return to the world of Fortnite as it was being slightly rumored. However, rather than bringing him back for a limited time, players will be able to earn the skin by completing the Thanos Cup; after that, it will be available in the store as object to buy.

Now, how do you get the Thanos skin in Fortnite Season 7? It will be ready to buy in the store from Saturday 26 at 2:00 AM Spanish time. Naturally, that means that all you have to do is buy it when it is released, so after that you can play in Fortnite with the Marvel MCU villain.

The Fortnite Thanos Cup is to celebrate the return of the villain, Epic Games announced this new tournament only available to players, at least level 30 and with active two-step verification. The rules are simple, there will be duo fights between players in a maximum of 10 games in a period of 3 hours; each victory will give the team 42 points, although the rest of positions will also receive points.

Regarding rewards, the most victorious teams in each region will earn special rewards, including the Thanos appearance and others inspired by Avengers: Endgame. But not everything will be for the highest in the table, the teams that win at least eight points will also receive Thanos watches, a more than decent consolation prize.

Keep in mind that it may take a few days for everything to arrive, although the tournament does not start until tomorrow, lasting about three hours.

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