After watching Justice League, the creator of Thanos did not trust Avengers: Infinity War

After watching Justice League, the creator of Thanos did not trust Avengers: Infinity War

For every cartoonist or writer, each of the characters that they have created and designed are almost like their “children”, so it is very normal that when another person, for example a film director, decides to transport them to another medium with a written story by other person, there is always that fear of seeing how they will treat your precious creature.

This is precisely what happened to Jim Starlin, creator of the dangerous Thanos, who in a conversation with ConmicBook has confessed that he did not have much hope in Avengers: Infinity War, especially after seeing how Steppenwolf, another planet destroyer, had been treated in the Justice League movie directed by Joss Whedon.

I had some bad moments before the premiere of Infinity War. I was on set to record my cameo and sat down to talk to the writers, Markus and McFeely, and a little bit with Joe Russo. In the movie they had about half an hour, which they had to cut, in which they showed Thanos’ past. It was going to be half an hour without the Avengers, it seemed. So I thought, “that’s cool.” Then on the plane I saw myself League of Justice and that’s like they throw Steppenwolf at the end to do his thing. It was actually a pretty bad movie. And about a month before the premiere of Inifinity War I spoke with the Russos and they told me that they had cut the scene from the half hour of Thanos. All I could think was: “oh my god, they are going to do the same as in Justice League,” explained the writer who admits that he is very grateful for how they have treated his characters in the MCU.

“I was at the premiere and I kept practicing saying” I loved it, I loved it. “After watching only three minutes of film, Before the Hulk came out, I was already thinking, “I’m not going to have a problem with this tape. It will be very easy for me to say that I loved it “. And it is true. I have been the luckiest cartoonist. On three occasions, four if we count the Infinity Gauntlet, which have used characters that I have created, they have nailed it”, Starlin acknowledged.

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