The Suicide Squad will include post-credits scenes, as confirmed by James Gunn

The Suicide Squad officially gets an R rating

2021 may be the year the DC Suicide Squad redeems itself. In 2016, David Yesterday directed the first film of the group of criminals and antiheroes forced to save the world at all costs, but the general reception from critics and public was overwhelmingly negative, despite the profits the film generated. James Gunn took over to take over the sequel / partial reboot coming this year via The Suicide Squad.

Gunn took advantage of the time span in which his relationship with Disney was broken to sign an agreement with Warner to direct The Suicide Squad, although the filmmaker will return this year to Marvel studios to lead the production of Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3.

Despite James Gunn’s busy schedule, the director always takes time to answer questions from fans on social media, and that’s precisely what he’s been doing on Twitter about some aspects of The Suicide Squad.

To the “most important question” about whether The Suicide Squad would have post-credits scenes, a classic in movies based on superhero comics at this point, Gunn has answered yes, although he has left a note that he really expects that. not be the most important thing, and let the movie itself be.

He has also confirmed the 2 hour 12 minute runtime that we will find in the film, highlighting that no one had planned that duration in advance.

What do you think The Suicide Squad will it include post-credits scenes?

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