Many of you will remember that, about a month ago, a tremendous controversy arose over the arrangement made by a fan to the cover of Spider-Man # 601. The fan tried to downplay the “hypersexualization” of Mary jane on the cover illustrated by J. Scott CampbellBut the actor reacted relentlessly to the arrangements with a series of “arrangements of the arrangement”, which caused the Internet to do its part and the network to polarize in support of one side or the other.

More than a month after the start of the controversy, the story continues to flicker. Insider He has interviewed managers of YouTube channels related to the world of comics, as well as editors and personalities from around the world about their opinion on this matter.

For example, the presenters of Clownfish tv They pointed out that J. Scott Campbell had the right to correct the arrangement that the fan had made about his work. Ethan van sciver, a comic book artist and Youtuber, also agreed with Campbell, but stressed that his reaction was unnecessary, and that he could have used the time to create something instead of plunging into controversy.

On the other side of the controversy, with a moderate tone, Claire napier, former editor-in-chief of Women Write About Comics and a staff writer for The Guardian, said that, in her opinion, the arrangement gave Campbell a chance to improve and correct her own work, making it an opportunity for illustrators who receive these. fixes for improvement. Other supporters that these corrections and fixes continue to emerge stated that Campbell reacted “terribly badly”, noting that he advocates a limited and outdated view of women.

What do you think? Is it okay to make corrections to an actor’s play years ago?