Tomorrow, June 18, the next-gen version of Metro Exodus hits stores, available for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Beyond the technical improvements and reduced loading times of Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, the version for Sony’s console take advantage of the haptic functions of the Dualsense.

About it he has spoken Jon Bloch, CEO of 4A Games, in a post for him Official PlayStation Blog. Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition will be a more realistic and challenging experience on PlayStation 5, thanks to Sony’s console hardware and haptic feedback from the Dualsense controller.

The main novelties of Metro Exodus Enhanced on PS5 are based on the technical aspect, since the game now runs at 4K resolution and 60fps. This far exceeds the 30 fps of the PS4 version and the 1080p resolution, but we must also remember that we will find powerful ray tracing lighting effects… some of them Exclusive to the Los Dos Coroneles expansion.

But be careful, because another surprise has to do with the game interface of this Enhanced Edition. 4A Games states that have reduced the HUD to its bare minimum, integrating the player into Artyom’s own skin. The goal is for the first person from Metro Exodus to make you feel like an indisputable part of the adventure, with improved reloading, door opening, combat and exploration animations.

Haptic feedback from the Dualsense enables new possibilities in Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition. Bloch states that the different firing modes of each weapon have been adapted adaptive triggers, so each one feels different from the others on the PS5 controller. What’s more, reloading, weapon modification, trigger resistance or damage will be reflected in the handling.

This also translates to actions like driving vehicles, rowing or operating any machinery in the game. PS5 players will feel the strength and hardness of the triggers of the Dualsense, at the same time that they will have to manage the balance of weapons such as the Tikhar, so as not to overload it, which will also be accompanied by totally new vibration effects.

Metro Exodus DLSS

Of course, Metro Exodus Enhanced too will be compatible with PS5 3D audio, nicknamed Tempest Engine. This will make the experience more terrifying and immersive than ever, and also 4A Games promises almost non-existent load times, thanks to the fast SSD of the PlayStation 5 compared to the past generation.

Remember that Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition to Hit Stores Separately for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, but those who already have the game on PS4 or Xbox One will be able to update it for free starting tomorrow. Now is the time to relive this icy and epic FPS adventure from 4A Games.

Fountain: PlayStation Blog