Microsoft announces the return of the Xbox Design Lab, to create your own custom Xbox Series X | S controller

Microsoft announces the return of the Xbox Design Lab, to create your own custom Xbox Series X | S controller

One of the Microsoft initiatives that the community liked the most at the time was Xbox Design Lab, whereby everyone could customize their own Xbox One controller, using different themes, colors, designs and much more. By surprise, the Redmond have announced this long-awaited return.

As part of the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, Microsoft has announced that Xbox Design Lab returns, a platform full of tools to customize our design ideal for Xbox controllers. The best thing is that it is available right now, and logically it has been adapted to the Xbox Series X model | S, which differs in some ways from the Xbox One controller.

Through the official Microsoft website, everyone can customize your own Xbox Series X | S controller, using simple design templates. And be careful, because you can not only modify the colors of the remote and its different parts, but also alter the base colors of the buttons, crosshead, triggers and even the Share button.

The customization tools are based on the following points. To start with, there is up to 18 colors available for your Xbox controller, even mixes as striking as bright blue, radiant red, or electric volts. If the Xbox Electric Volt or Sport Blue controllers were already impressive, imagine what you can do with Design Lab.

Then we will have to select the button styles of our remote. Beyond the default layout of X, Y, A and B, we can go for alternative models … and there is even one that looks a lot like the xbox 360 controller layout. But beware that there is a tool that will make you fall in love: you can engrave your name or whatever you want at the bottom of the remote.

Once you’ve finished designing your controller, you just have to order it from Microsoft. The Xbox Design Team will send your request to the factories, and as a result you will get your desired Xbox Series X | S controller, just as you designed on the Microsoft website. Marvelous.

As icing on the cake, on the Xbox Design Lab website you will find default templates on which you can apply changes, modifications and much more. Two designs inspired by Grounded and Psychonauts 2, two of the most striking games in the Xbox ecosystem, and many others will arrive in the future.

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