Lucasfilm to preview Star Wars: Visions in early July

Lucasfilm to preview Star Wars: Visions in early July

Late 2020 Lucasfilm announced a lot of Star Wars related productions, and other of its iconic franchises, which would be arriving over the next few years. Naturally, the attention fell on some of the most anticipated series and films of Star Wars, such as the Obi-Wan Kenobi series or Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. One of the productions that went unnoticed is Star Wars: Visions, an anime series in anthological format that will come to Disney Plus this same year.

Through the Star Wars official site, we know that the next 3rd of July we can take a first look at Star Wars: Visions. The series will be presented at the Anime Expo Lite through a 30-minute panel where we will have a preview of what we can see.

The Star Wars: Visions presentation will feature Lucasfilm executive producers: Jacqui Lopez, James Waugh and Josh Rimes, as well as the co-producer of Qubic Pictures Justin leach, and the producer Kanako shirasaki.

The series will offer us a glimpse into the Star Wars imaginary through some of the most important anime creators and storytellers in the industry. Star Wars: Visions will arrive later this year on Disney Plus, likely after Star Wars: The Bad Shipment wraps up its first season and before The Boba Fett Book debuts on the platform in December. At the moment the release date has not been confirmed.

What do you hope to find in Star Wars: Visions?

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