Kevin Feige says the system for evaluating which series or movies are a hit is not so clear anymore

The new poster of Loki contains one of the strangest elements that we will see in the Marvel series

The arrival of the series Marvel Cinematic Universe to Disney Plus It is being, a priori, a great success for the House of the Mouse. From the arrival of Scarlet Witch and Vision to the premiere of Loki last week, the series are giving a lot to talk about on social networks, with fans theorizing and talking about what happened in the episode. However, in order to assess whether the series are being a real success, things are not so clear for Kevin Feige, President of Marvel studios.

Disney Plus has yet to reveal the audience data for the first episode of Loki, but Samba TV yes he has published his study on how many people have seen the series (in the United States) during the first five days: 2.5 million viewers.

Loki’s data is better than those obtained by previous Marvel series according to the same study: 1.8 million viewers for Falcon and the Winter Soldier and 1.6 million for Scarlet Witch and Vision.

At first glance, anyone would think that these figures are flattering for Marvel series, but Kevin Feige has doubts, as he has expressed in Paley Dialogue (via Deadline). The president of Marvel Studios emphasizes that, in cinema, they have meters such as the collection and the numbers of spectators to know if a movie has been a success. Similarly, traditional television has standardized audience meters that facilitate data collection.

However, in the case of streaming platforms, each one counts viewers with a different criterion, which is what really confuses Feige. While some platforms count as a viewer who has seen 2 or 3 minutes of content, others need 5 or more minutes to include a movie or series as a view. “In the streaming world I’m still learning,” Feige commented. You also bear in mind that Disney Plus, as well as HBO Max, they still do not have the global reach that other platforms such as Netflixas they are not available in some countries, yet.

Do you think the audience count should be standardized on the different streaming platforms?

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