He claims to be able to drive his Tesla with the PS5 DualSense controller

He claims to be able to drive his Tesla with the PS5 DualSense controller

One of the main novelties with the launch of PlayStation 5 is a new controller, a Dualsense that has left a large part of the user community amazed due to its possibilities, and that we have seen in titles like Returnal in its maximum splendor.

But the PlayStation 5 controller, the Dualsense, can do a lot more, and in addition to apparently working quite well with Spotify, would also be able to drive a Tesla remotely, although not many end up believing it.

According to a TikTok user, with the pseudonym jf.okay, has posted a video on his account where he claims that he is able, using the Dualsense, to move his parked Tesla car. The video, which has also been posted on YouTube, shows exactly the same, and with a multitude of user comments.

Although many users have been amazed with the possibilities that the Dualsense remote control would offer when driving or at least moving a Tesla car, the truth is that it seems that there is a lot of trick about it, and it would not be a real functionality.

And is that Tesla cars have a feature called “Smart Summon” that basically it is an automatic parking function that can be controlled from outside the car. This functionality is legal, at least in California, allowing users to control a Tesla remotely from a short distance and as long as it is within their line of sight.

If it were true and a Tesla can be controlled, or at least parked, with a PlayStation 5 controller, it would be necessary to see if it is a legal functionality. In many countries you cannot control a vehicle remotely. At the moment neither Sony nor Tesla have confirmed if this feature is real or not, but it is clear that the PlayStation 5 controller is a great technological advance.

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