Five Nights at Freddy’s creator announces retirement amid controversy over donations to politicians

Five Nights at Freddy's creator announces retirement amid controversy over donations to politicians

Last week this information began to emerge about Scott Cawthon via Twitter and Reddit, these donations to various Republicans – in the past and recently – have generated controversy. The list is remarkable, although you can see names like Trump, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Ben Carson, Tulsi Gabbard

The original source was removed for fear of reprisals to the Cawthon leadership, which appeared in the latter, but this has caused tense situations in the community. Now the author himself announced his retirement: “I have had a blessed, full and rich career, they have shown me affection because I have shown it and I have tried to make good games“.

The farewell has come with a fan art for which the creator gives thanks and says that he has mountains stored: “But here I am, on the seventh anniversary of the first trailer realizing that I was over 30 when I created the series and now I’m over 40“All this to say that he is retiring, you can read. Not without first thanking the affection, in LGBTQ community special.

Will this be the end of FNAF? No, this only means that someone will take the reins, someone I choose and trust. We have to wait a bit for this, but I will make an announcement about it“. The ad ends with a paragraph of Cawthon talking about his children, has six and one of them is very small, so now wants to focus on them as he loves them madly.

Yes indeed, wants fans to respect his decision, because it will continue to be there, although not in the same way. Otherwise, appreciates the career, dedication of the fans and everything he has been able to have.

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I see you from the other side“, ends.

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