Genshin Impact: How to solve the torch puzzle next to Danger Island

Genshin Impact: How to solve the torch puzzle next to Danger Island

One of the puzzles that we have in the archipelago of the golden apple in Genshin ImpactIt’s about finding about four torches that we need to light, but unfortunately one of them seems to be missing.

Finding the first three torches is intuitive because they are visible to the naked eye, but it seems that we need to find one of the torches to solve this challenge, and we will tell you how to access it because it is quite hidden.

You must be aware that this puzzle of the torches is next to the island of danger or to the south of the broken island, and it is not to be missed.

Genshin Impact: How to solve the torch puzzle next to Danger Island

Once you get to the island on your boat, you will find three torches with the naked eye.

One of them is located northwest of the puzzle platform right next to a chest; another you find to the northeast at the highest point of the island; and the third is to the southwest in front of the first torch.

To locate the remaining torch, we must take our boat and head to the little whirlpool in the water which is around the island and we will enter the new underground level.

Once inside, move forward naturally defeating enemies until you can see a trail. Now keep moving up the branches of the stone wall.

Once up, keep defeating the enemies that appear and keep climbing until you can go to the top. Here you will find another stele that you can read.

After reading it, you must stand on the circular platform that will light up and open the gate for you. Here is another stele that you can read.

As soon as you have read the stele. Now you have to change the time to 1:00 am and destroy the rubble next to the table until the water is filled and it lifts you enough to reach the vines and at the top you will see the torch that we had left to light accessible.

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As you have seen, the first part of this puzzle is very simple, but the second part invites us to solve a few small puzzles to get to the required torch.

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