Black Widow has a significant nod to Infinity War

New trailer for Black Widow, hitting theaters and Disney + Premium on July 9

Black widow, the first Marvel Studios film to be released after the pandemic, is a prequel: it is set between Captain America Civil War and Avengers Infinity War, a time that Natasha Romanoff will use to relive her past … with her old family. The details of the plot have been kept secret, although we know that a key character will be Yelena Belova, in a role as Nat’s little sister (although not by blood) played by Florence pugh.

Those who have followed the trailers and promotional images (which we have been watching since the end of 2019, because the film should have been released in spring 2020) will have noticed a green vest that Yelena is wearing.

In an interview for Screen Rant, actress Scarlet Johansson confirmed what many theorized: It is the same vest that Nat later wore in Infinity War.

Black widow

“It is a very important thing, in fact. It seems superficial, but the truth is that it is something very unique and significant. It was Kevin Feige’s thing. He loves all the lore and the things that connect one character to another. When we designed those things, it was just a different look for the character, but it’s funny how Kevin’s mind works. It is like an “imagineer”, who thinks of all the little things that seem innocuous, but have a heart “explains Johansson.

Apparently this vest will become a relic “in a very unexpected and funny way”. It might give you to think that Yelena has a tragic ending and Nat wears it as a tribute, although we know that Florence Pugh and her character will have a prominent role in the future of Marvel Studios (we will see her again this year in Hawkeye series).

After many delays, Black Widow will be released in theaters and on Disney + on July 9. Tickets are already on sale, and Disney and Marvel have already shared several clips and trailers to get you started.

Fountain: Screen Rant

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