Windows 11 is seen for the first time

Windows 11 se deja ver por primera vez

It seems increasingly clear that in nine days Microsoft will present Windows 11. Since announcing a special event to discuss the future of Windows earlier this month, Microsoft has been sending us signals that clearly point in that direction. Starting, of course, with the hosts of this event, which will take place on June 24, and which are none other than Satya Nadella and Palos Panai, CEO of the company and head of Windows, respectively.

At the end of last week, Microsoft released a video with a remix of Windows startup sounds, a video that is exactly 11 minutes long. And let’s not forget the start time of the event on the 24th, 11 am (local time, it is understood), and that some believe they have seen, in the image that accompanies the announcement, an 11 formed by the light that passes through the window (at least it is curious that the four panels that form the logo are not distinguished, but only two, that form two vertical columns). It seems that Microsoft is dying to tell us that Windows 11 is coming.

The last sign of this, so far, is the announcement of the end of support for Windows 10, which will arrive in 2025. It is true that there is still a long time but, still, it is a bit weird to announce the end of the life cycle of a product when it has not yet been introduced to its successor, not? Assuming that Windows 11 will arrive sometime next year, perhaps between June and September or October, leaving a three-year window for all users who can to upgrade, seems like a pretty reasonable timeframe. And of course, your announcement aims, now more than ever, to be imminent.

I still, however, that it was the last sign so far, for suddenly and by surprise, we have found what could be the first images of Windows 11. We understand, of course, that there is still a lot of work ahead, and that what ADeltaX in a Twitter thread it represents (supposedly, let’s not forget) the current state of development of Windows 11. It is important to take this into account, because except for surprises we will still have to wait a minimum of a year until its arrival, and in a year many changes can occur.

That said, in the images shared by ADeltaX we can see an even cleaner design than we expect to find in Sun Valley, later this year, which confirms something that we had already suspected from the first moment we learned of the cancellation. Windows 10X, and it is actually Microsoft’s plans were not to discard everything developed so far, but to use it for Windows 11, giving it not only its design, but also its modularity.

We also see, in some of the images, a redesign of both the start bar, which now shows both the button and the icons in the central part of it, like some of its applications. Probably at this point we will see changes in the coming months, but without a doubt this indicates the trend that Microsoft will follow in the design of Windows 11.

Images: ADeltaX

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