Sweet Tooth’s goofy video: The deer boy with whom you will adore (more) the beloved Gus

Sweet Tooth's goofy video: The deer boy with whom you will adore (more) the beloved Gus

A couple of weeks ago I landed in Netflix a new series inspired by comics. It’s about Sweet Tooth: The Deer Boy, whose story adapts the comics written by Jeff lemire. In addition to having the production of Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey, the series stars Christian Convery, Nonso Anozie and Stefania LaVie Owen, in addition to having secondary stories with Adeel Akhtar, Aliza Vellani, Dania Ramirez, Will Forte and Neil Sandilands.

Sweet Tooth: The Deer Boy transports us to a not too distant future where a pandemic (yes, very appropriate) has devastated civilization, at the same time that a generation of hybrid children between humans and animals began to be born.

In this story we find Gus, a hybrid child of human and deer who has lived for ten years isolated from the outside world with his father. Soon it will be his turn to leave his safe haven and face the world, although his naivety and innocence will get him into more than one trouble.

The first season of Sweet Tooth: The Deer Boy is now on Netflix, with eight excellent episodes that will make you want to hug the lovable Gus. But if it is not enough, Netflix has shared through the official account of the series a clip of kits that happened during the filming where you will fall even more in love with his tender deer ears, in addition to discovering that good old Nonso Anozie gets more stuck in the dialogues that a fishing rod with a tangled line.

What do you think of the clip of kits (false shots for the most purists) of Sweet Tooth: The deer boy?

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