More and more artists are making the most impressive characterizations with the cosplay, creating costumes and various prostheses to capture as faithfully as possible the character of the film, series, comic, video game, etc., on duty.

Within the world of cosplay, undoubtedly one of the most valued artists is Sosenka, an impressive cosplayer who has been characterized by everything there has been and for being within the geek world, showing an amazing Babidí cosplay, transforming into a “realistic” Jafar or becoming Sam, Samsung’s viral assistant, among many other things.

In order to continue hallucinating the staff, Sosenka has dared this time with Squidward, a character more than known to all from the popular animated series SpongeBob SquarePants. But this time he has been characterized by the version “Handsome squidward“, which arose because SpongeBob accidentally hit Squidward’s face with a door.

The thing got out of hand to the point that the inhabitants of Bikini Bottom were eager to see and touch Squidward in Mr. Krabs restaurant. Squidward, fed up with this, asks SpongeBob to hit him with the door again so that he can be like before. However, not only does he not succeed, but it makes him even more handsome, keeping that version of “Handsome Squidward” as one of the most famous memes on the Internet and which Sosenka has been characterized by. You can see her cosplay below.

What do you think of the Sosenka cosplay as handsome Squidward?