No More Heroes 3 for Switch reveals extensive gameplay at Nintendo Treehouse at E3 2021

No More Heroes 3 for Switch reveals extensive gameplay at Nintendo Treehouse at E3 2021

The Nintendo Direct presentation of E3 2021 has spent a lot of time reviewing games already announced and that will be released in the coming months on Nintendo Switch. One of the ones that hasn’t been, however, is No More Heroes 3, despite the fact that its launch is very close, at the end of the summer (August 27).

However, it has made an appearance in the subsequent Nintendo Treehouse, a broadcast of several hours with segments dedicated to each game (Metroid Dread, Wario Ware, Advance Wars…). No More Heroes 3 has been the last of them.

In this 25-minute commented video they finally show gameplay of the game, which until now had only been seen in trailers in Japanese. The first thing they announce is that you can play with the Joy-Con undocked, and use the motion sensors to execute the shots to the enemies, just as we did with the Wii remote in the originals. Of course, it can be played with traditional controls.

The graphics are more stylized than the Wii originals, and the gameplay is very similar: sword action in third person. There will be new objects and skills, an open world that we can explore with the motorcycle (as in the first game), a skill tree and many minigames, which will be jobs with which to earn money, such as collecting garbage or mowing the lawn.

The big difference will be the aliens, main enemies of this game (there will no longer be a list of assassins to defeat, although several characters from previous games will also appear in this game). A) Yes, the variety of enemies, shapes and sizes, will be much greater than the previous one, and it will allow to play with many more references to anime and science fiction.

By last, Suda51 by Grasshopper Manufacture, has sent a video message announcing that if you have save data for the previous two No More Heroes and Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes you will get Travis Touchdown t-shirts in the game.

In addition, he says that they are working hard to correct the latest bugs and that “there is nothing to worry about”, in addition to reaffirming that it will be an exclusive game for Switch. Remember that the first two No More Heroes came out on Steam last week.

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