Is Abandoned the new Silent Hill exclusive to PS5? A tweet from the Blue Box studio triggers the alarms …

Is Abandoned the new Silent Hill exclusive to PS5?  A tweet from the Blue Box studio triggers the alarms ...

A few months ago it was announced Abandoned, a horror game for PS5 by a certain Blue Box Game Studios, a Danish study without any other credit behind them, and with hardly any presence on social networks (they have had an account since January 2015, but there are no tweets before April 2021).

Because of the type of game it was (a survival horror in first person, with much more weight in survival and realism than in action, and set in a harrowing forest) rumors raged about whether it was a secret game by Hideo Kojima … which they denied.

However, a recent tweet from Blue Box Game Studios has once again set off alarms. In the tweet, they hint that Abandoned will have another name and they urge us to guess: it starts with S, and ends with L. Silent Hill?

Certainly, the similarities with Silent Hill are evident, so it could be a simple “trolling” to attract the attention of fans of the old Konami saga. However, the secrecy surrounding the game and his study (and that it was the PlayStation itself, through its blog, who announced it) make us believe that there may be something else behind all this.

We should not take long to get out of doubt, because This Sunday, June 20, is when Blue Box announced that the trailer would be available. A trailer that, by the way, will run natively from PS5, downloading it as if it were a non-playable demo, in order to appreciate the game in the quality it will have on PS5.

Abandoned (or Silent Hill, if in the end the surprise falls) It will only be released on PS5, not on PS4, and is scheduled for the end of 2021.

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The rumors about new future Silent Hill have been constant, and almost always linked to PlayStation. And the strongest rumors pointed to the Bloober Team, authors of The Medium (just announced on PS5), as architects of the revival of Silent Hill. Additionally, both the composer and director of Silent Hill are working on unannounced games.

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