iOS 12.5.4, the update for your iPhone that you cannot skip

iOS 12.5.4, la actualización para tu iPhone que no te puedes saltar

No, we have not lost our minds, we are indeed talking about iOS 12.5.4, the new (and predictably last, except for future security problems) update of iOS 12. And why predictably the last? Because, as you already know, we are currently on iOS 14.6, the latest major update to iOS 14 and, since the introduction of iOS 15 last week. In other words, iOS 12 stopped being on the iOS update carousel for some time now… in theory.

And it is that, if we review all iOS 12 updates, we see that Apple has continued to support this version of the operating system iPhone. iPad and iPod Touch quite actively, and the latest example of this we have with iOS 12.5.4, an update published today, and which solves three security vulnerabilities, some of which have already been exploited in the wild, as security experts would have detected. That is, there are already users affected by them.

According to the iOS 12.5.4 notes, the patch targets two WebKit vulnerabilities and a ‘Maliciously crafted certificate«, All of which could lead to the execution of arbitrary code. Apple also says that the two WebKit vulnerabilities may have been actively exploited, which means it’s a good idea for anyone with devices that haven’t been able to update to iOS 13 and 14 to download the update. The certificate vulnerability has also been fixed in iOS 14.6.

The affected devices, that is, those that stayed in iOS 12 as the last possible update and that therefore must jump to iOS 12.5.4 are the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, and 6th-generation iPod touch. Users of the same already received another security update, 12.5.3 last month, which shows that Apple still has a lot of consideration for users of these iPhone and iPad models.

This is undoubtedly something worth appreciating. And it is that in times in which we usually speak of programmed obsolescence as an endemic evil not only in the technology sector, but also in many others in which a fictitious expiration is established for all kinds of products, a practice of which Apple has also been accused at some point, verifying that with updates such as iOS 12.5.4 those of Cupertino continue to ensure the safety of their users, it seems to me something quite positive and that deserves to be reviewed. So that, If you are an iOS 12 user, update now.

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