Forced to sign a marriage agreement in order to enjoy a PS5

Forced to sign a marriage agreement in order to enjoy a PS5

One of the best gifts that can be given within a marriage is surely a Playstation 5, and is that the new Sony desktop console is one of the most desired gifts for video game lovers, and a viral story on social networks makes us see that perhaps these gifts may have some kind of trap.

And it is that although a wife gives a PlayStation 5 to her husband can be something really nice, if this gift is accompanied by a kind of marriage agreement letter to use the system, things already change.

The marriage agreement letter of use on the PS5 between a married couple has gone viral on social networks. It is a letter shared by the Instagram account @Igtainment A few days ago, where a screenshot of an Instagram story of a woman with the account @sasyachi is shown.

The story goes that the wife just gave her husband a gift in the form of a PS5 but you can only accept it if you sign a letter of agreement before. The image shows up to five different points in a marriage agreement to use the PS5, and some points are surprising.

In one of the points it is commented that the wife has full power over the PlayStation 5, and that the husband must comply with all the rules imposed by the first party (wife) in this contract.

The most surprising thing is that the husband can only enjoy the PS5 until 1:00 pm, and that if he finds out that he has played after that time, the console will be auctioned. Another of the rules imposed in this marriage agreement states that when the Internet connection at home is slower due to the PlayStation 5, the husband must immediately stop playing the console.

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