Forza Horizon 5 announced for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, available on Game Pass at launch and coming out this year!

Forza Horizon 5 announced for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, available on Game Pass at launch and coming out this year!

One of the most anticipated announcements from the MIcrosoft and Bethesda conference at E3 2021 was that of a new Forza, Playground Games’ flagship driving saga. And we were not disappointed: the event gave us our first look at Forza Horizon 5, the new installment of this Forza Motorsport spin-off that is characterized by taking place in the open world.

Without further ado, below these lines you can see the first trailer for Forza Horizon 5 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, which will also arrive on November 9 of this year, repeating the move that Microsoft made in 2018 with the fourth installment (announcement at E3, launch in the same year).

It is confirmed that Forza Horizon 5 is set in Mexico, as has been rumored for months … and there will even be art samples hidden by the game map, the work of Mexican artists. There will also be a variety of environments where you can run, from the jungle to the side of a volcano or even the Guanajuato city, offering a variety of impressive settings.

The truth is that the gameplay has been impressive, showing details such as a photorealistic technical section (especially the weather, the sky …), or news such as the so-called Arcade Minigames, in which there will be tests of all kinds, such as busting piñatas while driving. The truth is that it looks GREAT.

In addition, a series of tools will be introduced that will allow us to create our own events, such as a crazy game consisting of knocking down giant skittles. Needless to say, it will be available on Game Pass from launch day.

Microsoft and Bethesda are holding an event together for the first time in the framework of E3 2021 (and the Summer Game Fest). Much of the Future of Xbox Series X | S and Xbox Game Pass will be seen in this online presentation of 90 minute duration; We leave you a summary in real time with everything that happened.

Halo Infinite will undoubtedly be one of the protagonists of the event, because after a year of delay it will be Microsoft’s great bet to strengthen the sales of its new consoles, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, while attracting more users to its Game service Pass. All Xbox internal studios games will be available from day 1 on Game Pass, and that includes Bethesda productions, with Starfield in the lead … although today we expect to see many other games.

But Forza Horizon 5 It was not the only announcement of the Xbox + Bethesda Showcase. We have also been able to see the new trailer for the long-awaited Starfield (as well as its release date), a new gameplay trailer for Stalker 2, Back 4 Blood available at Game Pass launch, Battlefield 2042 gameplay, Hades for Xbox available on launch day at Game Pass … We leave you with our summary of the event updated in real time.

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